GHz | Glaucia Holzmann offers local support for ethnographic, qualitative, design and innovation research projects to be deployed in Brazil. We provide customized, qualified and comprehensive services for world class research users.

Our team has extensive expertise in social and cultural contexts, fluency in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and privileged access to niche publics and KOLs. We follow best practices recommended by ESOMAR and we are member of EPIC.


Empathy with clients’ needs is part of our DNA; our response is always prompt 24/7.


We always look ahead to keep our clients served and safe, and the projects' goals in sight. 


We keep ourselves constantly updated with digital technologies, engaged in researching new apps and tracking its evolution and usage opportunities.




To support and assist research, design and innovation companies in deploying research projects and mapping market opportunities in Brazil, by means of provision of highly skilled, custom-made and comprehensive research-related services.


We see a gap between the importance of Brazil and its markets in the global business environment and the lack of local high standards services to meet demands for research and design related activities.

Brazilian born with wide international experience, Glaucia Holzmann has lived and worked in Brazil, US, Spain, UK and Japan.

During her 12+ years career - both as researcher and client - Glaucia perceived the growth in demand for local support by global research companies while deploying projects in Brazil and LatAm in general, leading her to launch GHz, a company committed to deliver services with global quality standards.